About the law office

"Bazlyankov, Stanoev & Tashev" law office has established traditions in Bulgarian jurisprudence and has developed а numbеr of legal activity in fields. 

We achieved success and prestige due to our professionalism and the enterprise of our ambitious team of lawyers, also due to our exceptionally correct relationship with clients, our sticking to commitments, our individual approach in accordance with the specifics of each case, and our ambition to achieve а successful solution and finalization. We provide fuel support in clients dealing with different administrative structures and we cooperate and help during the conducting of negotiations in favour of the client.

The process of our own development and improvement is ап uninterrupted and dynamic оnе, with skillful seeking, acquiring and implementing of traditional and non-traditional methods and original ideas and solutions in the process of the work, as well as constant striving for and interest in the adoption of current innovations not only in the sphere of law, but in other fields too.

"Bazlyankov, Stanoev & Tashev" law office is specialized in ensuring reliable and goodquality representation of its clients before courts of justice, state and municipal authorities in the entire country.

Legal consultations are provided for Bulgarian and foreign natural and legal persons, for branches and representatives of foreign companies in Bulgaria, for public entities and nonprofit legal persons.

The law office is а member of the Association of European Lawyers - AEL and of the International Association of Law Firms - E-iure.



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